Š M U R L Jevgenij Francevič

1854 - 1934

Roumanian historian

Prague: National Library - The Slavonic Library - 6.000 volumes

Charakteristics: the library contains books in Russian, French, German, Polish and some other languages. The core of the collection make books refering to Peter the Great and his epoque, relations between Russia and western Europe. Significant is also voluminous work of  I. I. Golikov „Dejanija Petra Velikogo, mudrogo preobrazitelja Rossii" in the original edition from years 1788-1789, included eighteen volume "Dopolnenij" from years 1790-1797 which is supposed to be  the first systematic history of the Peter´s empire and till the end of the first half of 20th century was the only serious historical source of this period.


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