Personal Library of Karel Capek

Karel Capek library is privately owned and its collections are not publicly accessible. The library contains nearly 2,000 books in Czech, French, German and English language as well as in Spanish, Polish and Esperanto. The library consists of fiction, poetry and plays, specialized literature on philosophy, sociology, esthetics, literature, linguistics and history. There are also publications on gardening, physics, psychology and analysis, genealogy, healthy nutrition, graphology as well as books on mysticism and religion, encyclopedias, language dictionaries, travel guides and magazines. There are also books used by Capek while working on the translation of modern French poetry and on his dissertation and when writing fairy-tales, plays and short stories. Many of Capek´s books include inscriptions or autographs of their authors or translators. Several dozens books have been signed by Karel Capek and some books include notes, highlighted text or notes on sheets of paper.

The processing of Karel Capek library, as well as the publishing of relevant material at the "Knihovny vyznamnych ceskych osobnosti" web site, took place with the kind consent and support of Karel Capek descendants for which we would like to sincerely thank.