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Personal library of Zdeněk Fibich

Personal library of Zdenek Fibich

Fragments of Zdenek Fibich personal library can be found at the collections of the Institute of Musicology at the Charles University Faculty of Arts. According to the Fibich library catalogue (prepared by Zdenek Fibich´ son Richard), the personal library of Zdenek Fibich contained the following sections: A - Sheet Music; B - Books on Travelling; C - Natural Sciences; D - Fiction, Philosophy and Art Books; E - Literature on Music. Today, the collections of the Musical Science Institute contain only part of the musical section, mostly sheet music and publications on music; the whereabouts of the rest of the library are unknown. The books can be found in the collection by their call number. The library fragment contains over 800 items, many of which are rubber stamped by Zdenek Fibich and have dates written in by him (dates of compositions, dates of birth/death of the composer) as well as other notes (on the text translation or about musical interpretation).

During the research and in the process of identification of further information and description of sheet music, we have based our activities on the list prepared by Vlasta Reittererova, to whom we would like to sincerely thank for her friendly cooperation. We would also like to thank Jan Bata, the Librarian of the Institute of Musicology Library at the Charles University Faculty of Arts, for his support in the research of the collections, preparation of digital copies of important features identified and for enabling to publish them at the "Knihovny vyznamnych ceskych osobnosti" web site.

Personal library of Zdenek Fibich: processing of the collection and its characteristics

The storage of the library, its structure and history after Fibich´s death The only existing part of Zdenek Fibich (1850-1900) personal library (the sheet music section and the literature on music) is stored today as a separate collection at the Institute of Musicology at the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University in Prague. There