Č E L A K O V S K Ý, Jaromír

1846 - 1914

Czech politician, historian, professor of the history of Czech law at Charles University, Prague Archivist

Prague: KNM - 931 volumes, SVK Pilsen - approximately 3.371 volumes

Characteristics and history: (KNM fund): books from the 2nd half of the 19th century to the beginning of 20th century, divided into 10 sections by language and genre, Czech fiction and Czech translations of fiction prevail, also contains Polish, Russian. German and French literature, in the original language. Professional literature is not represented by few books - mainly literary theory and religious literature; a few old books. The library was an inheritance of MVDr. Jaroslav Stodola (+ 1963), recorded in 1964. Together with the library a handwritten notebook - library catalog - was obtained, embedded into the local list. At the same time, part of the library received (passed on to the LA PNP in 1967) a carved cabinet passed on to the history department of NM. Local list with embedded hand-written catalog; cataloged, cards were not added to the general list.

(SVK Plzeň fund): Library was dispersed between „Okresní studijní knihovna Čiperova v Plzni" (later on fused with Municipal Historical Museum in Pilsen), books stored in the SVKPK in Bušovice. The library was than purchased from the inheritance in 1915 by the „Okresní studijní knihovna Čiperova v Plzni" (founded in 1912) and passed on to the SVK PK in 1950. Inventory does not contain pressmarks in all books, needed to be traced in catalogs, numbers Čl XXXX (card catalog) or Ce XXXX (electronic catalog). Contents: Czech, German (50 %), Russian. Czech and foreign law, Reich-law, history of czech and foreign countries, dictionaries and grammar books (Greek, Polish, Italian, French), travel guides, annual reports of Czech schools. Writings of J. Čelakovský, literature on J. Čelakovský. Information provided by Mgr. Pavlína Doležalová, head of the full-time services department of Scientific library of a Pilsner Region.

An Inventory of SVK č. 26. Is available.