Personal library of Bozena Nemcova

Only small fragments now remain of Bozena Nemcova personal library. The collections of the MCL Literary Archive contain four items marked as the property of Bozena Nemcova; however, the publications themselves include no evidence confirming their actual ownership by Bozena Nemcova. Other volumes, two of which certainly belonged to Nemcova, can be found at Bozena Nemcova Museum at Ceska Skalice: a print of Dobroveda by M. Klacel inscribed to Nemcova by the author and one volume of Die frithjofs Sage by E. Tegner with an inscription to Nemcova. The list of Nemcova library, which Nemcova prepared herself and which was mentioned by Miloslav Novotny in his text published in Marginalia - vestnik spolku ceskych bibliofilu in 1949, seems to be lost. On the basis of this list and on the basis of information from Nemcova´s contemporaries we can attempt to reconstruct a picture of Bozena Nemcova library at her time.

The examination of relevant volumes at the Literary Archive (LA) of the MCL and the preparation of copies (together with their publication at the "Libraries of Leading Czech Personalities" web site) was kindly allowed by the LA MCL management, namely the Head of the LA MCL Nadezda Macurova and the Director of MCL Zdenek Freisleben whom we would like sincerely thank. We would also like to express our thankfulness to the Director of Bozena Nemcova Museum at Ceska Skalice Milan Horky and the Collection Documentarist Lenka Hubkova for their cooperation and support in accessing the relevant volumes and for their approval of the research and publication of relevant information at the "Knihovny vyznamnych ceskych osobnosti" web site.