Š A F A Ř Í K Pavel Josef

1795 - 1861

Czech slavist, poet, collector, publisher

Prague: KNM - 4055 volumes

Characteristics: unique collection of Slavic souvenirs and Slavic literature, books on linguistics. The library was appraised even when Šafařík was alive,in 1863 it was bought by Czech Regional Committee and deposited at NM. When NM was moved in 1892 to a new building on Wenceslas Square in Prague, it was installed in the central part of the main book depository (sig. 74-75) and completed by a bust of P.J.Š. (Its counterpart is a library of F. Palacký). The original handwritten card catalog remains; newer typewritten cards in GK are marked by a letter Š in top right corner; the fund registered in Central Registry of Ministry of Culture of Czech Rep. Collections.


Vrchotka, J. Šafaříkova knihovna. Ročenka Universitní knihovny v Praze 1958. Praha: Univerzitní knihovna, 1959.