B A A R Jindřich Šimon

1869 - 1925

Czech writer inspired by the life on Chodsko

Klenčí pod Čerchovem: Baar's house (museum) - approximately 2500 volumes

Characteristics: Literature of the 2nd half of the 19th century and from the 20th century in various editions and typographical designs (Havlíček, Němcová, Neruda, Rais, Arbes, Hálek, Tyl, Šalda, Čech, Světlá, translations of Shakespeare's plays, Maupassant, Gorkij, Tolstoy, K. May, J. Verne, magazines (Volné směry, Moderní revue, Květy). Baar's pen signatures mainly on front pages of books from different periods of his life and studies, number of inscriptions, pencil written notes in books, Czech translations of french words on the page edges, highlighting of printed thoughts, which preocuppied him, underlining, decoratively cut labels from paper later glued to the book bindings, Baar's ex-libris on the end-sheets.