P A L A C K Ý František

1798 - 1876

Czech historian, writer (Dějiny národu českého v Čechách a v Moravě), politician, participated in the foundation of NM, founder of Matice česká, editor of museum journal

Prague: KNM - 3383 volumes (2737 titles)

Characteristics a and history: general history, history of Slavs, other disciplines, politics, linguistics, art, sociology, military, nature, geography, history of Czech nation, state and law, economics, religion, literature, almanacs, reports, magazines, revue, librarianship, bibliographies, catalogs, biographies, correspondence, journalism, sources, textbooks, dictionaries, literary works, agriculture, forestry, geology, industry, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, paleontology, travelogues, plays, collected works, manuscripts, politics Authors: Caesar, Cicero, Čelakovský, Hus, Comenius, Jungmann, Rieger, Seneca, Tyl, Pushkin, Moliere, Shakespeare, Klicpera, Mickiewicz, Voltaire, Rousseau, Havlíček (Duch Národních novin, 1851 - sig. 72 C 53, Sebrané spisy K. H. 1870 - 72 E. 137), Pascal, Děržavin, Šafařík, statistics, lists. Numerous inscriptions (sig. KNM 72 H 121 Purkyně, Barrande, sig. 72 C 89/2.-3. conv., 72 F 101/2. conv., 72 B 42), notes. Purchased from the heirs by a bank in Prague-Karlín. Later, the library was donated to Karlín community.  At the request of the museum committee, City Council of Karlín then passed the library on to the National Museum in 1886, together with a handwritten card catalog, which was made by Fr. Šubrt, teacher of Karlín's secondary school. After moving into the new building of NM in 1892, the whole library was installed in the main part of the depository (sig. 72-73) and completed by a bust of F.P. (Its counterpart is a library of P. J. Šafařík). Catalog cards in GK, printed catalog (see sources), the fund registered in Central Registery of Ministry of Culture of Czech Rep. Collections - subcollection Books.


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