V Á CH A L Josef

1884 - 1969

Czech designer, printer, graphic designer, carver and writer

Prague: MCL Library -  410 volumes, KNM - 46 volumes

Characteristics and history: unique books, notes and drawings, fund is completed by graphics, photographic documentation and furniture. Bought from the inheritance of A. Macková in 1974, other individual pieces purchased later. In custody of  Book culture department of NM Library, books in General catalog marked as "Bibliofilie" in front of the pressmark. Included in the Central Register of Ministry of Culture of Czech Rep. Collections.

PAVELKOVÁ, H.; Vetterlová, P. Knihovna Josefa Váchala. Praha: PNP, 1998. 75 s.

BURŠOVÁ, M. Josef Váchal sběratel a knihomol: z pokladů Národního muzea. Antique. 1998, 5, č. 5, s. 10-11