Š P E L D A, Antonín

1904 - 1989

RNDr., DrSc., Musicologist, works about music and from the field of physics and mathematics. Music critic and theorist, physicist and educator. He graduated on the Faculty of Sciences, Charles university, taught at grammar schools and the Pedagogical Faculty in Pilsen. He led the musical section of Pilsner radio., he was the author of numerous studies in the field of music, physics and acoustics.

Pilsen: SVK - 583 volumes (prefix 20C), stored in the fund of SVK PK as a whole

Characteristics: Books on the theory and history of music, scores, professional literature from the field of physics and mathematics, travel books and books about nature. Fiction can be found in the library, mainly the world classics, Henrik Ibsen, Moliére. Periodicals - Miscellanea Musicologica, Zpravodaj společnosti pro starou hudbu, Hudební věda. Mostly Czech, other languages include Russian, Polish, English, German and Latin. Music theory, music pedagogy, history of theater, tourist guides. Number of inscriptions in Czech and Russian from his university colleagues and prominent figures of contemporary music scene.The library obtained by SVK PK after 1985, during the live of its owner. Information provided partly by Mgr. Pavlína Doležalová, head of the full-time services department of Scientific library of a Pilsner Region.


The Shelf list

ČEČILOVÁ, L. Knihovna Antonína Špeldy. (Seminární práce) Praha: ÚISK FF UK v Praze, 2006. 19 s.