N E R U D A Jan

1834 - 1891

Czech poet, journalist and writer, columnist, author of „Tales of the Little Quarter"

Prague: KNM - 3504 volumes (2493 books)

Characteristics: Czech fiction, poetry and prose, travel guides, spa guides (Handwritten notes in before he took a visit there), thematically wide range of literature and printed sources in a various forms of books, brochures used by the author when he was preparing a concept for his columns; poems and prose from contemporary writers published in many different ways. A considerable amount of „uncut" books - ie not read. Obtained in the beginning of the 20th century from an „Academic house of Prague, untill 1962 remained a part of LA. Cataloged in 1963; cards labeled "Neruda" were put into General catalog; registered in Centralized Register of Ministry of Culture of Czech Rep. Collections.


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