K A F K A  Franz

1883 - 1924

Prague writter of Jewish origin, one of the most influential and the most appreciated writters of 20th Century

Wuppertal (Germany) - Bergische Universität - 300 volumes

Charakteristics and history: Dostojevsky, Flaubert, Kleist, Grillparzer. Literary magazines, catalogs of significant publishers, many " not literary titles" - adventure short stories, biographies and autobiographies, travell books, e.g.: "Die Anfänge der Luftschiffahrt" from edition Wissenschaftliche Volksbücher für Schule und Haus, "Ein arktischen Robinson" from edition Bibliothek der Reisen und Abenteuer, or "Der Zuckerbaron, Schicksale eines ehemaligen deutschen Offiziers in Südamerika" and "Förster Flecks Erzählung von seinen Schicksalen auf dem Zuge Napoleons nach Russland..." and others. Many of the books contains dedications from Kafka´s frends and collegues. 

Kafka´s sister Ottla was keeping library of her brother after his death. When Ottla was deported to Terezin her flat was sealed and the library was removed to a depository of confiscated Jewish belongigns.  Thanks to the fact, that in that depository was working also a writter H.G. Adler, who noticed by the dedications in books owner of the library and kept the collection together, the library remained as unit till today. The library was after bought by a person, who solld it to a second-hand Theodor Ackerman in München. From there was the collection in 1982 sold to Searching Centre for Prague -German Literature (Forschungsstelle für Prager Deutsche Literatur) of University in Wuppertal. The collection is, according to some sources, not complete (originally the collection had about 400-500 volumes).  Replica of the library, made by list of H. Blank and compiled by H.Bindr was presented by firm Porsche AG to Společnost Franze Kafky v Praze (Society of Franz Kafka in Prague), where its accessible (after  arrangement) to visitors.   


BLANK, H. V Kafkově knihovně/ In Kafkas Bibliothek. Praha: Nakl.Franze Kafky, 2004. Czech-German edition.