F A U L K N E R William

American prosaist and poet, Nobel Prize winner for literature 


Charlotessville, Virginia (USA): University of Virginia Library - 219 titles

Charakteristics: French literature (Zola, Balzac, Hugo, Dumas,  Daudet, A.France, Shakespeare), Russian (Tolstoj, Dostojevskij), classics literature (Dickens, Chaucer, Cervantes, Boccaccio),  next to these Joyce T.Mann and  Faulkner´s own works. There are also the books with big importance for Faulkner:  Joyce´s Ulysses published in 1924, poems of Swinburn and A Modern book of Criticism of Ludwig Lewison published in 1921, which contains many Faulkner´s hand written inscriptions. Most of the books contains Faulkner´s autograph with note about place and date, dedications and signatures of the authors of the books and Faulkner´s friends.  Into the collections of University of Virginia Library was the library commited in 1998 and 2000 by Faulkner´s daughter Jill Summers.


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