Personal library of Jaroslav Jezek

Personal library of Jaroslav Jezek can be found in the so-called Jaroslav Jezek Blue Room at 10, Kaprova Street in Prague 1. Jaroslav Jezek lived here from 1921 until his departure to exile in 1939. The library, as well as the room itself, is administered by the Museum of Czech Music (part of the Prague National Museum). The library contains 634 volumes of books and 152 items of sheet music. Most items include inscriptions and Jezek´s autographs indicating his ownership. The library consists of poetry books (V. Nezval, J. Wolker, J. Seifert, K. Biebel, J. Hora and other Czech and Slovak contemporaries of Jezek), fiction (J. Kopta, V. Lacina, K. Schultz, B. Nemcova, J. Neruda and others), foreign novels (e.g. M.F. Dostojevkij, W. Shakespeare, H. de Balzac, M. De Cervantes) and specialized literature on music. Sheet music items include pocket-size sheets as well as scores, piano reductions and prints of individual compositions - paperback notebooks, hardcover volumes of small or folio formats published by Czechoslovak or foreign music publishing houses and prepared in well-known engraver workshops and sheet music printing houses with the inscriptions of D. Mihaude, I. Stravinsky or V. Nezval.

The access to the Jezek library, work with individual items and the publication of relevant information at the "Knihovny vyznamnych ceskych osobnosti" web site was kindly enabled by the Museum of the Czech Music management - the Museum Director Dagmar Fialova and the Head of the Historical Department Marketa Kabelkova. Project workers would like to sincerely thank them for their friendly cooperation and support. We would also like to thank Katerina Hrdlickova, the then Custodian of Jaroslav Jezek Blue Room, for her friendly assistance in the library processing.