H E Y R O V S K Ý  Jaroslav

1890 - 1967

Czech physicist and chemist, Nobel Prize laureate in the field of polarography (1959)

Prague: Ústav fyzikální chemie J. Heyrovského, v. v. i. - approximately 400 volumes

Characteristics: Czech and foreign polarographic literature, reprints with handwritten inscriptions to Heyrovský from other researchers, His notes in  „Polarografie" - corrected by his own hand (1941) prepared for the new edition, „again" the directions from the author, graphs crossed, reproduced images and photos, corrected numbers in equations, underlining by pen and pencil, pages full of proof-reading marks; typographical errors, outdated formulations and obsolete scientific inquiries are also marked.


KHEL, R. Knihovna J. Heyrovského. Čtenář. 1995, č. 47, s. 169.