L A N G E R Eduard

1852 -  1914

Owner of a factory in Broumov, etnographer, collector of old books, autographs and bibliophile books, builder and owner of a private library known as the largest library of its kind in Austria-Hungary

Prague: KNM - approximately 6000 volumes

Characteristics and history: The historical part  (about 5500 volumes) mostly latin and german books from 16th to 18th century, several Czech books, incunabulas. Special library (about 490 volumes from the original 1600) history of the printing press, bibliographies, biographical lexical works, directories, auction catalogs, inventories, etc. Pased on in 1950 by conservation care - selection from the Sychrov collection, about 10 000 volumes; also passed on the card catalog, which was created by Walter Dolch - librarian of Langer's library between years 1911-1914. (DOLCH systematically expanded the library, organized and created a system of its catalogs. Between 1949-1950 the library was passed on to the National cultural commission, the library was moved to Sychrov and after the auction probably destroyed.) After that, all received books were sorted out, and part of them was passed on to the Library of AV, other part to some second-hand bookshop. Untreated, card catalog of W. Dolch probably does not correspond with received items.


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