V O L T A I R E Francois Marie de

1694 - 1778

French writer, philosopher

St. Peterburg (RSFR): Public Library of Saltykov-Shchedrin (rare books section) - 6810 volumes

Characteristics: books, brochures with Voltaires comments, praise and condemnations, notes, sarcastic and funny glosses, marginal marks and criticism and verbal expressions, the French translation of the Illiad (1714) contains underlining, signs and other notes. The name of the dictionary „Dictionnaire théologique portatif" is changed by Voltaire to „soporatif" and so on.  Correspondence, treatises, divinity, English, Italian, French, german, Spanish and Polish literature, politics, political economy, history, biography, books mainly from the 18th century, a few books from the 15th and 16th century, selected works, Greek writers, Latin translations, history of literature, polygraphy, holy fathers, Cicero, Kato, Seneca.


Biblioteka Voltera: katalog knig. Moskva-Leningrad: s.a., 1961.