Š L E B I N G E R Janko


Director of the University Library in Lublan (Slovenia)

Prague: National Library - The Slavonic Library - about 1600 volumes

Charakteristics: almost all the books and serials of the library are from 19th and the first quarter of 20th century. Works of the slovenian national liberation, first editions of Slovenian poetry and prose, Slovenian literature research, complete editions of the main Slovenian magazines ("Glasnik slovenskega slovstva" and "Glasnik slovenski" which used to be published in 50ties and 60ties of 19th century, "Naprej", "Zvon" and others).

VACEK, J. Oton Berkovec a Slovanská knihovna. Národní knihovna. 2007, roč. 18, č.2, s. 17-32.